FIRE WIFE FRIDAYS – Marriage Tips (With Bloopers!)

Welcome to Fire Wife Fridays!! My husband and I have been married since Oct 2009. He is a firefighter and I am a stay at home wife/mom. Firefighters have the #1 Most Stressful Jobs and as a result of that the majority of fire marriages will end in divorce. We are wanting to do all we can to make sure that doesnt happen to us and any other fire families….

MY ROMANTIC WEDDING: Pics, Tips, & Planning

Finally! This is the first video in my wedding series leading up to the WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS video! Visit this post on our website for more photos! To Inquire about the dress or Brooch Bouquet email: For Invitations like Mrs.Highfield's Custom Invy Facebook Page: Want to connect with other women with beautiful natural hair? Need motivation for your fitness journey? Are you Vegan or thinking about transitioning? Join…