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Carina Press authors Julie Moffett, Caitlin Sinead, Christi Barth, Piper J. Drake and Emily Ryan-Davis, and Editorial Director Angela James share their top romance tips on everything from gifts to sexting!

20 Relationship, LIFE And Romance Tips That Will Change Your Life – Owen fox

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Forever In Love Romance Tips For Married Couples – Maybe you're having trouble in the romance department. You're not the only one. Here are a few tips for married couples to reignite the spark. This isn't just relationship advice, it's nuggets of gold you can take to improve upon every day. When you're ready to discover 7 truths of love very few people every consider in their relationship I would like to you to visit the website…

Tips for First time romance for First Night – Midnight masala tips for romance

Safety first. There's no such thing as totally safe romance

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Romance with her husband in bathroom | Bothroom romance tips

Warm on a cold night with your lover in an extravagant array of bubbles. A languid dip in a steam bath for two is enough to inspire the novel to even the stodgiest lovers. So next time you want to do something special for your partner, or feel a little disconnected from each other, indulge in a romantic bath for two!