FIRE WIFE FRIDAYS – Marriage Tips (With Bloopers!)

Welcome to Fire Wife Fridays!! My husband and I have been married since Oct 2009. He is a firefighter and I am a stay at home wife/mom. Firefighters have the #1 Most Stressful Jobs and as a result of that the majority of fire marriages will end in divorce. We are wanting to do all we can to make sure that doesnt happen to us and any other fire families….

Marriage tips from Kim & Kanye’s pastor || STEVE HARVEY

Steve Harvey welcomes the stars of Oxygen’s “Rich In Faith,” Pastors Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson. They’re the pastors who presided over Kim and Kanye’s wedding and they’ve counseled A-list celebrities including Justin Beiber. Check out their full interview later today on Hulu! Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: Find out where to watch in your city here: Get more Steve Harvey! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:…