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FUN + ROMANTIC Inexpensive Date Ideas | Free Date Ideas!

I am so excited for today’s video because I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite free and cheap date night ideas. Let’s get right into this video. So my first date night idea is to do a little indoor campout. It can be really fun to build a blanket fort and act like you’re kids again. Don’t forget the comfy pillows. And light up a few candles. Even…

Original and Romantic gift ideas from Paris

Don’t look any further for your romantic or your orginal gift. What you’re looking for is here, in Paris. And if you’d like to offer a unique and unforgettable gift … to your beloved then I can help you Hi, my name is monsieur Henri … monsieur Henri from Paris of course and I will leave a love padlock for you and the person you love just in front of…

Bette Midler – Gift of Love

  Bette Midler – Gift of Love   I hope you enjoy this Classic love song. Great song to add to your playlist for Valentines Day. Whether its a date to the movies, dinner at a fancy restaurant or cuddling on the couch with your special loved one, make it a romantic night!   I found this enchanting charm and necklace and you can pick this one up too!

DIY Valentines Day Treats

Today will make DIY Valentines Day treats! I simply needed to share these yummy thoughts to all of you. You can make them for your companions, your family, or that special individual. We should begin! The first thing I’m making are these Gummy Pretzel Cupid Arrows, I found the idea online, they’re super simple, no-prepare treats! To make these, you will require: Some pretzel sticks, heart molded chewy candies, a couple of…

FP360 #113: How to Bring Back Romance in Your Marriage, 3 Tips in less than 60 seconds

Rekindle your marriage and keep the romance alive. Here are 3 tips from Shela Dean on bringing back the romance in your marriage. To view the full video visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0dRXXv6cX4 (Twoology) (How can we bring romance back into our marriage?). Shela Dean is a Relationship Coach, author and speaker. She has counseled more than 2,000 couples since 1983 and is the bestselling author of Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to…

7 things couples should do daily to bring back romance, Sex guide, Health and Beuty Tips Bangla Tv

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