John Gray & Anat Baniel: 20 Tips: 20. Making Time for Romance for the Busy Parent John Gray is interviewed by Anat Baniel: Parenting and relationship advice for couples dealing with stresses of having a child with special needs. Tip 20 in a series of 20 videos with John Gray, author of the bestseller "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Discover relationship tools for how to communicate at difficult times, how to manage stress, and how to provide support for your special needs child. Read the full blog post on the HuffPost.
Tip 1. Communication and Managing Stress:

Tip 2. Taking Time Outs:

Tip 3. Recognize Defensiveness & Learn How to Soften Your Communication:

Tip 4. Making Decisions When You Disagree:

Tip 5. How to Stay Together:

Tip 6. Providing the Best Context for Growth:

Tip 7. Managing Guilt by Forgiving Ourselves:

Tip 8. Men and Women Manage Stress Differently:

Tip 9. Understanding and Providing for His and Her Special Needs:

Tip 10: When Your Child Starts Acting Out:

Tip 12: The Art of Asking for Help:

Tip 13: Children Need Parents Who Communicate:

Tip 14: Communicate Without Complaining:

Tip 15: Recognizing Her Need to Vent:

Tip 16: Venus Talk to Cope With Stress:

Tip 17: His Suffering — What She Can Do:

Tip 18: Managing Our Desire to be Perfect:

Tip 19: Becoming an Enlightened Parent:

Tip 20: Making Time for Romance for the Busy Parent:

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