Alien Love Making Tips? – by Anabel Newton (for Digital Romance TV)

My name is Anabel Newton ( Happy Couple’s Strategist and creator of the Happy Couple’s Blueprint.

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In this short video I give you one sex communication tip that could totally transform your extracurricular activities. And it involves thinking along extraterrestrial lines.

Let me explain…

No two people on this planet are the same. All men aren’t from Mars and not all women are from Venus – we all have our own individual unique planets.

But when we communicate, we often speak as though we’re talking to ourselves – we expect our nearest and dearest to understand us the way we would…

And when it comes to communicating about our deepest needs, desires and insecurities (like discussing the amount and quality of sex you’re having with your partner), we wait for the other to read our minds.

To ‘help’ them along, we often do one of three things:
1. Skirt around the issue
2. Joke about the issue
3. Wait until it’s a HUGE issue and explode out of sheer frustration blowing things completely out of proportion

The solution?

Think of your partner as a being from another planet.

Assume they know nothing about human feelings, desires, anatomy AND assume that they do not have any emotional baggage or insecurity about sexual performance.

In other words, use really basic, rational and uncomplicated language.

If you’re feeling super brave, explain a need you have been really scared of sharing with your partner below – anonymously – in your best language-for-Aliens.

Thanks for watching.
– Anabel Newton, creator of the Happy Couple’s Blueprint

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